Ronald Hickland will host a workshop about resurfacing. Details weill be here soon.



Ron has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.  Ron is a certified Silver Level USBC Coach who regularly coaches Professionals,Celebrities, and Bowlers of all levels. Ron designed, developed, and tested bowling balls for Ebonite, Hammer Columbia 300 and Track for 14 years as a Manager of Technology. Ron holds a United States Patent on a Bowling Ball Restoration Product. Ron is currently CEO of Creating The Difference a bowling education company that offers education and products designed to help the bowler. CtD was founded by and his partner in 2015 and has almost 2000 Staff members world wide.  CtD offers bowling ball cleaning products like That Purple Stuff and So Fresh and So Clean. Recently CtD launched TruCut Sanding Pads. These pads were specifically made for bowling balls. CtD has also partnered with Turtle Wax to create TruCut Hand Applied Polish. A polish that can be used by hand or on a spinner. Both of these products offer unique performance in altering the surface of the bowling ball. 


Using the right side of the brain – or split brain theory is one of the major study subjects for learning and improves creativity. It is also an approach that improves the brain-hand coordination without adding “analytical” pauses to the flow of bowling approach. Onder Gurkan will explain the effects of using the right side of the brain. He will also present many fun hands-on exercises to improve the right side thinking.


Onder Gurkan is the Co-Chairman of European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) Educational Committee and a member of ETBF Presidium.

He is responsible for the Coaching Programs in European Zone.

He is also a Level III ETBF Instructor, Head Coach of Trianka Bowling Academy and recognized by Bowler’s Journal as a Top 100 coach.


Of the five elements of scoring, direction is the easiest but most misunderstood of all of the skills for every type of player.  The items that cause inconsistency with direction also causes the most compensations in the physical game, frustration and even injury. This workshop is designed to diagnose and correct all the factors that affect direction.


Vice President Kegel Training Center USBC Gold Level Coach with over 25 years of coaching experience. Former AMF Ball Designer and President of Track International having coached the best PBA players and performed seminars all over the world. Recognized by Bowler’s Journal as a Top 100 coach. Holder of 2 PBA Tour Titles, IBPSIA Certified Pro Shop Technician and former IBPSIA President.




Dean Hinitz resides in Reno, Nevada where he has a practice working with athletes, performers, and anyone committed to reaching for their personal stars. He also maintains a clinical and business consultation practice, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

Dr. Hinitz has been a champion gymnast and martial artist, and has pressed his limits in running, triathlon, rock climbing, and of course bowling. He has tripped, fallen, dusted himself off, and had to follow every one of the principles to championship play outlined in his books and workshops.

Dr. Hinitz works with Team USA, several national champion collegiate bowling programs, numerous Hall of Fame Bowlers, champion athletes, and teams from a wide range of sports. He has worked with corporations as diverse as International Gaming Technology (IGT), The United States Postal Service, Caesar’s Tahoe casino, The City of Reno, Nevada County, and Artown in Reno. Dr. Hinitz regularly gives seminars on coaching, competing, and maximizing personal potential. 

Dr. Hinitz is the author of "Focused for Bowling" published in 2003, and “Bowling Psychology.” Both books are applicable to virtually any performing or achievement arena. He has been a contributing writer for Bowling This Month. He is a guest presenter at the Kegel Training Center and has been for more than 15 years.

Ultimately, Dr. Hinitz works with commitment. His mission is to help you win at whatever “game” you are declaring is important to you. A hero’s journey has both light and dark stretches. He’s got a compass, a water bottle, and a torch, and as far as he’s concerned, there is no greater honor than traveling that path with you. 




Muriël Verbruggen – Van Langenhove holds a degree in Clinical Psychology (1994) and is a trained coach (Co-active Coaching and licensed Insights practitioner) and conflict mediator. She is also a USBC Bronze Level Coach. Muriël has close to 20 years of experience in coaching and consulting to enhance performance and wellbeing both in sports (tenpin bowling) and business environments. Typical assignments include working with individuals and teams to create empowerment, master sport psychological skills, uncover potential, handle stress, build and maintain high quality relationships with self and others.





My own sports career as a figure skater was the pistol for my passion and interest for the sport psychology and the possibilities in the sport performance lying within this aspect.

I choose a university degree in sport from which I decided to focus on the psychology in a performance enhancing perspective.  Halmstad Högskola served me the perfect opportunities and three years later I left Sweden with a European Master degree in sport and exercise psychology.

Since October 2008 I have worked as a fulltime sport psychological consultant at Team Danmark working with individual athletes, national teams and coaches from: ice hockey table tennis, bowling, water-skiing, cycling, figure skating, ice hockey, shooting, handball, tennis, swimming, military battle, dressage - and jump riding, kayak, ballroom dancing, handicap sport (dressage, swimming, track and field, table tennis) etc. In addition to this I have worked as the national sport psychologist at competitions, several Europeans, Worlds and the Paralympics 2012 and doing workshops and educational programs for athletes and coaches across sports.

In 2014 I moved to Sweden continuing my work, focusing particular on the Swedish national teams in bowling – from junior to senior, working with the players, the team and the coaches.