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As a bowling coach your athletes expect you to help them when they can’t find solutions themselves. We all have been trying everything we have in us in the heat of the competition realizing we are not getting through to our athlete. We see them becoming more and more unreachable and … uncoachable. Sandwiched between wanting to push them through it (there are no shots to waste! It is still possible to make it!) and empathy for their feelings of panic and fear (we have been in this place before!), we are looking for a way to really be heard and understood.

In this workshop we teach you insights, tools and power tricks to regain a smarter, more efficient conversation and connection faster. This way your player gets his ‘alert and common sense’ back faster and easier (this is hell for them too!). Based on neuroscience and how the brain works, we give you practical information and tips that get you further and help you understand what is going on in our conversations with each other. This will enable us to activate our (and the players) higher executive functions of the brain, strengthening our ability to make good decisions.

Earlier Event: September 16