ETBF Educational Committee wished to create an opportunity for our coaches to upgrade their coaching levels and also provide many technical training classes during iCoach event and scheduled the following side events. All of those events can be combined and the fees are arranged according to that.


FRIDAY: 20:00-22:00

Relaxation & Recovery


Traditional way of relaxing the mind and the body in the warmth of a Finnish sauna after a busy day. Normally sauna is heated in 70-90 degrees Celsius. Sauna is recommended for all ages and health conditions (only severe heart problems may inhibit the visit). In Kuortane we have separate saunas for men and women. Visitors are advised to go there without a swimsuit for hygienic reasons.

Swimming pool

Have a few strokes of breast swim to loosen the muscles and relax. The water is normally around 28-29 degrees warm.

Recovery Center

Therapy pool (32C) with water massage and jacuzzi will relax the tense muscles with warm water. If you wish to try something to get the endorphin running and speed your recovery, dip in the the cold water pool for a few seconds (or minutes) (+8C). There is also a steam sauna which is shared for both sexes and the visitors are advised to wear their swimsuits for courtesy reasons.

CRYO -therapy

CRYO -therapy room is -110C cold. Cold is a traditional treatment that has been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain. Originally in the 1970s cryotherapy was developed and has been used specifically for pain relief, for example in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. The use of extreme cold has been expanded as people have experienced help in sleep disorders, stress disorder and skin diseases. Athletes are using it to speed up the recovery process after training or minor injuries. Those who have been treated in cold have felt refreshed and energetic. The participants spend about 2-3 minutes in the cryo room under the supervision of trained staff. It will be an experience to remember! All you need is a swimming suite: woolly hat, felt boots and gloves are borrowed at site.

SATURDAY: 08:00-09:00

Coordination and Strength

In this physical exercise the participants will make an effective workout for coordination, muscle co-operation and strength. All you need is to come in to the gym in the 3rd floor in your training clothes (fitness shoes are optional). And donĀ“t forget the water bottle! This workout is suitable for all fitness levels.

SUNDAY: 08:09:00

Core control, mobility and bowling specific exercises

In this session we will make a recovering exercise for bowlers. The idea is to correct the posture, maintain the normal mobility and develop body strength (core control). We will also do shoulder exercise routine for injury prevention. This workout is suitable for all fitness levels.